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July 2014

My Heart’s Salvation – Blog

The name of my most important song is “My Heart’s Salvation.”  It’s not yet finished yet, because I need to have it mixed and mastered, but the current version I have here (and on Reverbnation) for you to listen to is close to what the final song will sound like and certainly sounds better than the mix of the copyright version.  With all that said, once it’s finally done…here’s the scoop!

It may not be my most popular song, but it has been the most important endeavor I have ever accomplished!  Why is that?  It’s because “My Heart’s Salvation” is preaching the Gospel of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.  Yes, it is the full message of the Gospel put to music!  I wanted to make it easy for all Christians to witness…and who doesn’t want a free song, if it’s worth listening to?

I’m giving the 1st half of “My Heart’s Salvation” (the part that contains the gospel message) for free and it will always be free.  I feel that the Gospel message should be free, because the Gospel unto salvation through Jesus Christ is free to everyone who will repent and trust in Jesus.  When you’ve enjoyed listening to this Gospel message put to music, please join me in my evangelistic endeavors by purchasing/downloading a copy of the full version of the song for an interesting combination of rocking, yet melodic guitar with driving keyboards and vocals of praise, and even more important…

Join me in spreading the Gospel by sending the free version to everyone who you think might enjoy it and to all whom you feel needs to hear it, which would be all your friends…  Right!?  How easy is that?

GOD bless you all,

Eddie Witness

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